Take Two. Knit Sneakersocks Vintage Style.

It has been a while that I posted. I made a short holiday in Scotland at the beginning of June. I still owe you a blog post on that because I visited New Lanark World Heritage Site. Needless to say: I bought yarn. I took pictures at the mill and will definitely show them here. I also visited Saar Alpaka – and took lots of beautiful pictures of gorgeous alpacas. There will be a blog post, too. I promise.  But first I have to move. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my big WIP:  I am re-decorating an old flat. So I am busy painting, instead of knitting or blogging.

Anyway, I managed to finish some small knitting projects which I wanted to show you here very quickly: Two pairs of sneakersocks.

Daisiez: Sneakersocks Vintage Style

Daisiez sneakersocks are knitted from the toe up with an easy lace pattern and a short row heel. They have ga picot edging which makes a cute finish. I also knitted some extra short rows at the back of the heel to give the socks a better fit.


Lilaks: Sneakersocks with Mesh Pattern

Lilaks sneakersocks have the same features as Daisiez: toe-up, gusset, short-row heel, picot hem. Instead of the lace, I worked a mesh pattern. There are extra rows for a higher heel in the back, too, so – no slipping down the shoes.


What’s your favourite sneaker sock? Mesh or Lace? Both patterns are available in my Ravelry store. There are quite a few project pictures already because I really had wonderful test knitters. A good occasion to thank all of them. Special thanks to Puk, a Dutch podcaster: she showed off her pair of Daisiez in her video podcast. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Dutch, so I cannot understand what she is saying. If you do, head over and translate for me.


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