Warm Heart Mitts: Designed and knitted for Operation Social Justice

Warm Heart Mitts are a fun knit and a great stash buster. You can use all your leftover sock yarns to make a pair of colourful mitts. Knit either two of a kind or two different ones. They are worked in a blast and you will learn (if you don’t already know):

  • How to make jogIess joints when changing the colours at the end of the round.
  • How to bobble. The pattern explains how to make these cute bobbles right at the cuff. ??????

Cast on with bobbles

Warm Heart Mitts: Hand knitted & fingerless

The body of Warm Heart Mitts is long, wear them pulled up …

or scrunch them down …

Warm Heart Mitts are designed for a cause

Not only the are sustainable because you can use up your leftovers, but they are designed to support Operations Social Justice which was initiated by Gamercrafting on Instagram. How? Why? To kill the trolls with kindness. To take a stand against hate, racism and ignorance. Social Justice is a good thing. It’s worth fighting for.

Or in Gamercrafting’s words: 

Social justice: the fight for equity in rights and opportunities. When did justice become something to malign and mock? Here at GamerCrafting Yarns, we think it’s important to fight for what’s right. It’s important to be kind, and it’s important to drown hate with love.

Nothing to add, except:

I will donate all the profit from the pattern to Arrival Room, a project space designed for migrants and locals in Saarbrücken. The aim is to bring people together through creativity and culture. So please purchase the pattern and knit you own, crazy version, use all the colours of the rainbow. And be kind! Check out the Hashtag #OperationSJW on Instagram for more kind projects and leave the people some love.

The pattern was tech edited by Frauke from Urban Yarning who already edited Sparkz and test knitted by a kind Ravelers and Instagrammers. You will find their projects tagged with #warmheartmitts.


Ravelry Link: Knitting pattern mitts Warm Heart

Knitted bobbles at the cuff Knitting mitts, drinking coffee

Thanks to the kind Instagrammers who tested the pattern for me. I don’t have pictures from all of you, but here are a few:

Here is Patricia’s cuff with very neat bobbles!

Warm Heart mitts by Patricia

Gabriel used bright orange and crazy pink.

Gabriels warm heart mitts

Sigrid chose colours that are totally in my thing!

Sigrid's warm heart mitts

Thanks also to Jennifer, who did almost a complete tech edit with her test knit. .. I don’t have her photos but her project pics can be found here.

These are rough times. Take care, stay healthy, stay safe and care for your neighbours. And make a donation to a charity if you can: It’s always the weak, the marginalized which are hit hardest! Sending you ?!

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