Salvia – knitted knee-high socks for all bodies

Knitted knee-high socks right now? What? I know, it’s August and in the Northern hemisphere, it equals high temperatures. And while I am writing it is maybe the hottets day in Germany this year. But sock knitters will knit regardless. Salvia is a comfy pair knitted knee-high socks that will be perfect when the temperatures fall again. Knitted knee-high socks on thin legs where the reach over the knee

The knitted knee-high socks feature a chic lace and cable panel on the front. The socks are worked from the toe up with a gusset. The heel is shaped seamlessly with short rows.

The legs are shaped so they fit calves of all sizes because all bodies are different! After the heel, the pattern gives instructions on how to work on for your specific calf circumference. You can work more increases or decreases for your calf/leg shaping in the stockinette section of the back leg as well as choose your own length. It’s easy – since you can try on the knee socks and make adjustments accordingly.

How to wear your knitted knee-highs

Wear your Salvia knee-high socks with a skirt or dress and heavier boots. Either scrunched down or pulled up to the knee. Or if you knit them longer you can use them as over-knees.

Knitted knee high socks in front of a brick wall

Salvia pattern is available in my Ravelry Store. There you can find a few gorgeous pictures of my test knitters, too.

And for all people that are facing difficulties with their new design: it is also the first pattern I uploaded to Payhip.

Detail of Salvia knitted knee-high socks

Knitted knee-high socks on bigger calves to show size inclusion

The pattern was test-knitted thoroughly as usual by Frauke from Urban Yarning.

A big thank you to my test knitters – you can find knitted Salvia socks on Ravelry or on Instagram – here are a few photos in their feeds: @lostinmagicloop, @piaknits, @linmal55, @katamare1, @moragduller




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