Karamell Cowl.

Karamell is a toasty cowl for a knitter who wants to explore different techniques in one project. Colourwork, mini bobbles, structure and stockinette: Karamell has it all. There is also a broader picot edging. It is asymmetrical shaped – for a better drape. Here is Karamell modelled by my radiant neighbour at an impromptu photo shoot on her 18th birthday. 

Karamell and matching vintage Tweed jacket

When I wanted to take another more clear picture for the cowl today, I realised that I just had the right jacket to style it. It is a from a vintage tweed suit my mother made. She gave the skirt and the jacket to me lately to sell it second hand, which I couldn’t convince me to do yet. In fact, right now I am very happy I didn’t.

It was made by the end of the late 60ties, early 70ties. The fabric is a woolly tweed and it was made for the cooler season. I remember it well. My mother is a trained seamstress. She started working when she was 14 which is incredible. I imagine her walking 3 km in the dark in the morning to get to the factory where she worked and feel very spoiled.

She made a lot of dresses for me when I was a kid. I remember being very impatient when I had to stand still when she measured the hemline. Or the frustration when I had to fit a dress which was only pinned together. Oh, that pins! I hated them. I liked the dresses, though. She also taught me how to sew my own clothes. However, I remember that it wasn’t very easy to match her high standard. But hey, look at the pocket detail:

There is so much perfection in that suit. Maybe it would be worth to write an extra post. And you know what, I have another suit as well, Chanel-style. And a really cool sixties dress. Too bad my mother is a tiny person and that there is no way that I will ever fit into these clothes.

Back to knitting – and the cowl

Okay, I got distracted a bit. Not every post is written as planned, but hey, my mom will like it. Back to the cowl: Karamell is knit with Ulysee from De Rerum Natura with 3.75 mm needles. If you want to knit Karamell, you can find the pattern  and all the related information on Ravelry by clicking the link. I promise you a fun knit.

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